Sand Tray Therapy

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Sand Tray is an expressive therapy that utilizes miniatures and sand to facilitate therapeutic processing and healing. Sand tray therapy is used with both adults and children and can be both directive and non directive depending on the theoretical orientation of the provider and needs of the individual client. It has been used within psychotherapy since the 1920's and was pioneered as a trauma-informed modality. It is widely used with trauma, anxiety, depression, relational concerns, and with those exploring identity and their relationship with the world. Sand tray is particularly helpful for processing experiences and emotions that are too painful or complex to verbalize. Summer Counseling's therapists are trained in Adlerian, Experiential, and Client/Child Centered sand tray modalities. Please reach out to our sand tray specialists, Kathryn Hector and Jennifer Kokes today if you are interested in pursuing sand tray therapy with one of our providers.