Supervision & Transitional Contracting

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When I began my own practice, one of the biggest challenges was offering continued care for my clients while transitioning from a previous agency to my own. The contracting process can be daunting and take months sometimes, even if you hire a professional. Having a way to maintain care for my clients, build my caseload, and have greater financial stability during the transition period was priceless. For therapists who are beginning the contracting process, I offer a transitional program that allows you to do telehealth and/or in-person sessions with your clients as a temporary contractor with Summer Counseling. Reimbursement rates range from 75-85% depending on your needs and credentialing status, and I believe in honoring the therapeutic relationship, so your clients stay with you on your journey. Please inquire below for more information!


Jennifer is an LPCC board-approved supervisor who provides individual supervision for pre-licensed therapists who are seeking to focus on work with children and adolescents. If you are on an LPCC license track and looking for individual supervision, please contact Jennifer at