Summer Counseling Six Weeks to Success

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Many families struggle with developing consistent rules, consequences, and communication to help regulate your children’s behavior. Summer Counseling has developed a program that teaches parents and caregivers ways to encourage better behavior from your children and ultimately have a peaceful home so everyone in the family can spend more time together and have more fun! If your child is struggling with following directions, chores, homework, hygiene, outbursts or tantrums when told ‘no’, or transitioning from one activity to another, Six Weeks to Success is perfect for you!

  • Six weeks of parents-only classes to develop strategies to manage behavior that are personalized for your family.
  • Six weeks of individual sessions for your child and at least one parent to learn specific coping skills to help with emotional regulation.
  • A chance to ask questions about your specific needs, like homework time, bedtime, or shopping in public.
  • Support from other parents who understand and help you feel like you are not alone!

Six Weeks to Success uses elements from Parenting with Love and Logic by Jim Fay and Foster Cline. This approach values using empathy, teaching responsibility, and logical and natural consequences. After completing this program, you will:

  • Parent as a “united front” and create consistent expectations and consequences for your children.
  • Avoid power struggles by having several strategies and a plan on what to say.
  • Stay calm during arguments.
  • Role model the behavior and reactions you’d like to see from your children.
  • Identify your values and what you’d like to teach your children
  • Eliminate tattling (yes, really!).
  • Increase your children’s independence.
  • Improve school performance.
  • Less arguing = more time to enjoy and appreciate your children and just have fun!

Summer Counseling offers age-specific Six Weeks to Success classes for children ages 3-6, 7-11, and 12 and over. To register, check our schedule for class times and availability, and contact us today!