Meet Emily Patrick

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My ideal client is a woman who feels she has the world on her shoulders. That Woman Walking Alone. I have helped over a couple hundred women with their worries and fears, insecurities, relationship concerns, breaking free of codependency and abuse, recovery from trauma and addiction, and the infliction of self-injury. I find that no issue is too small or too large to handle. I’m here so you don’t have to walk your path alone. I specialize in Trauma-informed care, PTSD Recovery, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Women Empowerment and Feminist Approach, Healthy Relationships Skills and codependency prevention.

I am often that cheering you on kind of coach. You will hear me chanting “DBT” or other helpful tips. I am also a strong believer in “practice what you preach”. I will never introduce a skill to you that I have not researched fully and tried myself.

Without ever meeting me, you know my story. You know a small part of me, just as I know a small part of you. That glimmer of light in the darkness, that story of pain, those moments we wish to forget yet never ceases. We reach towards one another in hope that we will no longer be the Woman Walking Alone. Let’s work towards being women walking together always